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40ft (12m) long
22ft (7m) wide

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Pricing 2024

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  • VAT 13%

Not Included

  • Fuell
  • Marina Fee
  • Security deposit

Recommended Extras

Coffee pack (50 capsules free for passengers): 0.00 € per booking, Cosmetic set: 0.00 € per booking, Bed linen and 4 total towels/ per person (beach towels included): 0.00 € per booking, Tourist tax (per pax/day): 1.33 € per person/night, WiFi pack 50 GB (free on board): 0.00 € per booking, Final cleaning: 0.00 € per booking, Transit log: 350.00 € per booking

Optional Extras

  • RIB 5.6m (HIGHFIELD) + 115HP engine: 1,250.00 € per week, Snorkeling equipment (4 pairs) ON REQUEST!: 0.00 € per booking, RIB Highfield 3,3 m sport (Honda 30 HP): 500.00 € per week, Kayak for 1 person: 150.00 € per week, Cook (food not included): 250.00 € per night, Standing Paddle board: 100.00 € per week, One way - all possibilities (price on request): 1.00 € per booking, Kayak for 2: 200.00 € per week, Skipper 49+ (food not included): 200.00 € per night, RIB 4.6m (HIGHFIELD) + 50HP engine: 800.00 € per week, Safety net: 150.00 € per booking, RIB 5.6m (HIGHFIELD) + 100HP engine: 1,250.00 € per week, Pet fee: 150.00 € per booking, Gennaker: 300.00 € per week, Extra bed linen and towels: 100.00 € per booking, Hostess (food not included): 150.00 € per night

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is English widely spoken in Croatia?

Although Croatian is the native language, English is widely spoken throughout, closely followed by German and Italian.

Where should I go in Croatia for a week?

With Croatia offering so many incredible destinations, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly where to go in Croatia for a week long vacation. Joining a Luxury Cruises Croatia experience is the most hassle-free way to visit the best highlights Dalmatia has to offer in a single week.

Is Croatia expensive to visit?

Compared to its Balkan neighbours, Croatia’s prices are slightly higher, however when compared to much of Western Europe, Croatia is considered very manageable. Popular tourist destinations including the likes of Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar will naturally have more elevated prices due to a higher demand, however you can often find affordable prices inland at less popular spots. For the most part, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how inexpensive Croatia is for travellers!

What is the best area to stay in Croatia

Our cruises depart from Split or Dubrovnik. The coastal city of Split, or Dubrovnik, the home of Game of Thrones Croatia, are both beautiful coastal cities that make the perfect base before or after your Croatia cruise.

What are the best months to visit Croatia?

Croatia experiences both a coastal and Mediterranean climate, making the pre/post season months of April - May and September - October perfect for exploring and active holidays. The peak summer months of June, July and August are the hottest months and are ideal for travellers looking to swim and soak up the sunshine.

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